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As a family law attorney, I have seen what clients have to deal with during the process of divorce and other difficult family law issues. I have seen what happens when debt and foreclosure threatens a family’s livelihood. I have also seen what happens when someone suffers from a disability and is unable to work and provide for the family.

I have also seen first-hand what can happen when an experienced, compassionate lawyer provides the assistance that these individuals and families need to move forward. At the Birmingham Men’s Law Firm, I, attorney Gregory Starkey, believe that husbands, fathers and others in Alabama deserve to have their rights protected. As your lawyer, I will provide you with the strength and sensitivity that you need in our legal service.

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Since 2004, I have practiced law in the state of Alabama. My practice areas include family law, bankruptcy, Social Security Disability, evictions, tax issues and IRS representation.

Whether your case is simple or complex, you can expect to receive the same level of quality, dedicated legal service from my firm. Advancing the rights of husbands and fathers is our mission, and we demand recognition from the courts.

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For more information about the experienced representation at the Birmingham Men’s Law Firm, contact my office and schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. Call my office at 205-581-9790 and take advantage of your rights.



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