How 360-degree videos help small businesses

What is a 360-degree video?

360-degree videos, also commonly referred to as immersive or spherical videos record every possible angle at the same time during a video. The use of 360-degree video is becoming increasingly popular with advancing technologies. Now you know what a 360-degree video is, how can it help a small business? 

Gain confidence in your brand

The use of 360-degree videos allows for a sense of professionalism to be established within your small business or brand, developing trust and a sense of relatedness before you even meet potential clients. This is because you are offering an immersive experience to your small business, providing every detail and showing off your business in full. Furthermore, 360-degree video has proven time and time again to be much more engaging than regular videos, text and pictures. This will allow you to be the talk of the town, increasing your small business sales and ultimately gaining a trustworthy reputation.


Easy to distribute

360-degree video is simplistic in distribution, with the ability to watch on any device with an internet connection and options for the ultra-high definition to fully immerse potential customers. This allows your small business to engage with your customers more directly, maybe sending advertisements over of new products through the use of 360 videos, allowing the customer to take a further look at the product and see if it is for them. This will allow your small business to develop a reputation of high-quality content, something of which lacks in the majority of small businesses, frequently being the reason more and more are closed down every day.

Improved training opportunities for new staff

Training new staff can be an expensive investment, especially in small businesses when mistakes are made and money is cost. The use of virtual reality through 360-degree video can stimulate a training environment for new employees, this will allow them to experience a working environment without the high risk of losing money or complicating issues, allowing trainees to be trained much more efficiently to be fully prepared for the real job.

The use of a 360-degree explainer video

With relatively cheap yet high-quality options for a 360-degree video, this makes for a perfect opportunity for your small business to invest in an immersive explainer video. What exactly is an explainer video? An explainer video describes your business, what you offer and who you are. This is perfect for small business owners as it develops a sense of relatedness between the business and the customer, perfect in small locations such as Birmingham, Alabama or any other location where your small business may be set up.

To Summarize

The use of 360-degree video is a powerful tool for small businesses to develop a sense of relatedness with its customers, allowing an explainer video to be developed up to showing off it’s latest product or service to its loyal customers, providing a high-end customer experience like never seen before.