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Upholstery options for a piece of leather furniture or any other type of material usually consists of a frame, the support and padding. With new fabric and restructuring, an expert upholsterer can breathe new life into older, rundown or outdated furniture. Although preserving a well-made or historic item can be costly, it can be worth it to recapture nostalgia and hold on to a piece of the past. 

We Do Upholstering as Well as Reupholstering

Custom Upholstery vs DIY Upholstery

With the rise in popularity of DIY projects, it is entirely possible to do upholstery yourself, if you have the time, patience and supplies. There are many advantages to doing the upholstery yourself, as you can control every step and you may learn new skills as well. One serious drawback to any do-it-yourself situation is that it can be expensive, especially if you buy supplies that you may only use once.

Before you talk to Christopher House Upholstery or any upholsterer make sure to get a clear understanding of what you want and any questions you may have. We suggest that you do an independent inspection of your furniture by sitting on the cushions and inspecting the frame. That way you will know what issues you would like resolved and allow you to better communicate your expectations to the craftsman. If you are unsure about what fabricate you would like, ask for fabric samples, which we have in house and can order.

The price of upholstery restoration can be affected by many factors, such as the condition of the furniture, the age, the style, and the type and amount of the fabric you choose. We will give you a detailed estimate, which will include the cost for fabric, padding, seat springs, supplies, as well as shipping, pick-up and delivery fees, where applicable. 

Christopher House Upholstery 

At Christopher House Upholstery, we use progressive design principles, Old World craftsmanship, and precision detailing to create interesting, stunning and unique pieces of fine residential and executive furniture. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality service and 100% customer satisfaction. 

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Repair or Replace?

When deciding to replace or recover an older piece of furniture, it is important to have clarity on the cost of the work in terms of money and time. While it may be cheaper to buy a new couch, the cost of restoration may be justified.

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Precision craftsmanship

Head craftsman Ricky Walker has 35 years of upholstery experience, specializing in traditional or original designs, and his precision craftsmanship and detailed care will transform any aged piece into an updated work of art, complete with exotic fabrics and custom finishes. The experts at Christopher House Upholstery can offer numerous possibilities of custom-designed furniture in a wide spectrum of finishes, a large assortment of exotic and hard to find woods, and excellent textures.

Upholstery Work


• Frames for furniture range from traditional wood to the metal and plastic of many modern pieces


Support systems for frames include:

• Solid systems, used for kitchen stools and chairs.

• Springs to support the seating area.

• A tension system, with a web-like structure to create a solid surface.


• Padding is the upholstery foam and batting that fills out cushions.


• Upholstery fabric, such as cotton, silk and blends, is thicker and more durable than ordinary cloth.